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In Preparation

Kavaliers, M., Wah, D., Bishnoi, I. R., Ossenkopp, K. P., & Choleris, E. (2020). “Disgust-Like” Behavioural and Neuromodulatory Responses to Infection Threat in a Terrestrial Snail. Manuscript in preparation for submission to Behavioural Processes.


Kavaliers, M., Bishnoi, I. R., Ossenkopp, K. P., & Choleris, E. (2020). Differential Effects of Progesterone on Social Recognition and the Avoidance of Pathogen Threat by Female Mice. Manuscript submitted to Hormones and Behavior.


Bishnoi, I. R., Ossenkopp, K. P., & Kavaliers, M., (2020). Sex and age differences in locomotor and anxiety-like behaviours in rats: From adolescence to adulthood. Developmental Psychobiology, 00, 1–16.

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Wah, D. T. O., Ossenkopp, K. P., Bishnoi, I. R., & Kavaliers, M. (2019). Predator odor exposure in early adolescence influences the effects of the bacterial product, propionic acid, on anxiety, sensorimotor gating, and acoustic startle response in male rats in later adolescence and adulthood. Physiology & Behavior, 199, 35–46.

Wah, D. T. O., Kavaliers, M., Bishnoi, I. R., & Ossenkopp, K. P. (2019). Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced sickness in early adolescence alters the behavioral effects of the short-chain fatty acid, propionic acid, in late adolescence and adulthood: Examining anxiety and startle reactivity. Behavioural Brain Research, 360, 312-322.

Kamen, C. L., Zevy, D. L., Ward, J. M., Bishnoi, I. R., Kavaliers, M., & Ossenkopp, K. P. (2019). Systemic Treatment with the Enteric Bacterial Fermentation Product, Propionic Acid, Reduces Acoustic Startle Response Magnitude in Rats in a Dose-Dependent Fashion: Contribution to a Rodent Model of ASD. Neurotoxicity Research, 35(2), 353-359.

Bishnoi, I. R. (2017). A Call for the Combined Pharmacological and Psychological Treatment of Depression. Western Undergraduate Psychology Journal, 5(1). Retrieved from